Home Again – July’s Blu-Ray Releases

Welcome to Home Again, where each and every Tuesday I’ll be running down some of the best genre releases coming to home media.

All info is from the excellent Blu-ray.com. This isn’t every genre release, just the ones I find interesting. For the full list, follow that link.

NOTE: This is a light week, I suppose due to the holiday.


Putney Swope (1969) – Vinegar Syndrome –  I don’t know a thing about this movie other than it was directed by Robert Downey, Sr. Somebody I like – I can’t recall who – mentioned it on Maron’s podcast a few months ago and I made a mental note.

From the description, a black man is accidentally put in charge of a big advertising firm and wastes no time stocking the staff with his militant friends. It’s a satirical film which sounds possibly even more relevant now than it was when it was released.

Taking Tiger Mountain (1983) – Vinegar Syndrome – This post-apocalyptic film is notable for being the legendary Bill Paxton’s first role. It’s also notable for having a relatively bonkers synopsis on IMDB:

Militant feminist scientists brainwash research subject to assassinate the Welsh Minister of Prostitution. Meanwhile World War III is being fought and the USA has been invaded.

Please also note that William S. Burroughs is one of the credited writers.

Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019) – Lionsgate Films – I am perfectly okay with living in a world where any movie with Sylvester Stallone attached automatically gets made. Even if it’s the second sequel to the not-very-good Escape Plan.

Other Titles Worth Noting

Nothing, you guys. Just… nothing.

There were quite a few titles this week, but not much I particularly cared about. Hopefully next week is better!

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