Dragon 2022 – Recap Part 2

Saturday we didn’t have anything until 1pm, but we were up and ready before the parade was over. We thought it would be a good time for breakfast since if the streets were full the restaurants wouldn’t be. The problem was, how do we get there? Nicole was still getting her awesome costume ready so Ryan and I headed out to try and scout a location. We were pretty much tied to one side of the street so we didn’t have many options. For all of the things we love about the Indigo, their restaurant closes at 11am and doesn’t reopen until 4pm. That is absolutely crazy for a hotel restaurant. The parade was breaking up, and lines started forming up in front of every place that opened at noon. There was no way that we would have survived that long, but it turns out that the Westin has a great brunch buffet that stays open late, and is too expensive to be crowded when the Metro Diner is just around the corner. The immediate need for food outweighed the price though, and we ended up shoving all the food we could find into our faces for the $33 price tag. It was a lot of food, and I might have actually eaten my weight in bacon. Then we all went to do the Geek Year 1992 panel with Dave, Oz, and Kristian Allen. Those are always fun, and gave me a chance to talk about the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I would do entire panels on The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, and Mass Effect games if someone were crazy enough to give me the chance. Everyone was all off to do other stuff, but I went to meet a Star Wars author.

Dragon 2022 – Recap Part 1

And now we get to the meat of the matter. Actual Dragon Con coverage. This was my 8th year covering Dragon Con (it would be nine if it wasn’t for stupid 2020. Maybe I just shouldn’t count that year, for anything anymore), and I keep expecting to get turned down. I keep not getting turned down so thanks media relations! I was even more surprised to get approval to request both interviews with walk of fame guests and authors. I didn’t really expect to get any of my requested celebrities approve, but I got one of each! The only thing that was sad about that was that if I wanted to interview Mark Meer at 4pm on Sunday then I wouldn’t be able to be on a panel about The Thing at 4pm. Since I’d already had to drop the Halloween 3 panel on Friday due to a conflict with my podcast panel this left me with no panels for the Horror Track at all. That made me sad, but life is full of these tough choices. Not only did I have a panel for our podcast (if I haven’t mentioned it 5,000 times before I co-host a Star Wars book club podcast called Execute Chapter 66), but Chad was finally able to attend, and the Star Wars track invited us to be on a panel too. This was huge since we’d been trying to find a way in with them since we started. I was also moderating the Classic Video Game Hall of Fame again, as well as trying out a brand new idea (for me anyway). The directors of the American Sci-Fi Classics Track were kind enough to let me read an old school Choose Your Own Adventure book with a live audience. Read on to find out how that went. Spoiler alert: pretty damn well. I also had a panel with Dave, the rest of the con buddies (Mr. and Mrs. Cadaver, and the lovely Oz) had some things going on I wanted to see, and we all had a game show to put on together. But let’s just start at the beginning for now.