San Diego Comic Con 2019 – The Toys

I’ve never been to San Diego Comic Con and I can’t foresee a time when it will ever be practical for me to attend, but I do follow the excitement from afar every year.

As an avid fan of pop culture and toys in particular, SDCC is like a blitzkrieg of delight that assaults my mind and my wallet. Film studios and toy manufacturers drop years’ worth of news in the span of a few days. It’s a lot, and if you’re like me it’s helpful to have a place to distill it down to the best stuff.

That’s what Needless Things is for.

Today I’ll be writing about all of the coolest toy news from this year’s Comic Con. Then, for the next two Fridays, you’ll be able to hear me and our pop culture experts Ryan and Jay discuss toys, movies, and more on the Needless Things Podcast!

I’ve included pictures where I can, but mostly just official releases when the companies have put them out (which they have gotten much better about since I started doing these). Toy Ark has massive galleries of the toys and our pal Action Figure Attack on Instagram and Facebook for the best pictures from the show. Continue reading “San Diego Comic Con 2019 – The Toys”

Toy Stories – Exclusivity

NOTE: This post was written last Thursday after a particularly disappointing internet experience. The author was despondent at the time.

Let’s talk about exclusives.

Exclusive toys are neat-o. They’re something special and different and a significant badge of honor that you were willing to do some specific thing that others were not.

Whether that thing was pay a premium, wait in a ludicrously long line, stay on top of a timed online release, or simply be patient enough for interest to die down in order to get a reasonable price, exclusives require something more than simply grabbing a toy off the peg or pressing the “Buy” button on your favorite website.

I’m writing about this today because of NECA’s 2019 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives. I can’t get one and IT’S PISSING ME THE F**KING A** SH*TF**K MOTHERBI**CH OFF. Continue reading “Toy Stories – Exclusivity”