MomoCon 2019 – What to Do

I love MomoCon.

Most of the guests and programming aren’t necessarily geared towards my interests. The average attendee age is probably young enough to be my child. I know very few people who go, so there’s not exactly a ton of folks to hang out with.

The energy at MomoCon, however, is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

You guys know I’m a Dragon Con guy. But that’s a whole different beast. The energy at MomoCon is vital and positive in a completely unique way. The array of gamers, cosplayers, anime fans, and genre enthusiasts of every stripe all exude this powerful force of goodwill. There’s a sense of love and hope in the air that is energizing and wonderful.

You guys – people are dancing everywhere. It’s great. Continue reading “MomoCon 2019 – What to Do”

MomoCon 2019 – Who to See

MomoCon is Atlanta’s other huge convention. And it’s growing at a rapid rate. If I had to describe it in a few words I’d say it’s the Robin to Dragon Con’s Batman. It has a lot of the same traits, but it’s younger and more energetic and if I’m being honest probably a bit smarter (this is Tim Drake Robin). Continue reading “MomoCon 2019 – Who to See”