Convention Recap: The 2019 Augusta Toy and Comic Show

NOTE: After coming back into work after ten days off, there was no way I could get July’s Previews post done by today. So that’ll be up next week.

As regular readers know, Phantom, Jr. and I attended The Augusta Toy and Comic Show a couple of weekends ago. It was an absolutely fantastic experience, so I wanted to share some of the highlights with you guys. Continue reading “Convention Recap: The 2019 Augusta Toy and Comic Show”

2019 Augusta Toy and Comic Show

Just a couple of months ago I stumbled across the website for the Augusta Toy and Comic Show.

I was planning a trip to Wilmington, North Carolina to see my family and just happened to notice something about this convention on Facebook. I thought “Hmmm, June” and then I thought “Oh – Augusta” and checked the dates just to see if anything lined up. Sure enough, this show takes place the weekend we were going to be leaving for Wilmington. And Augusta, if you don’t know, is in between Atlanta and Wilmington.

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