Repost: WWE – Roster Rundown 11/2/2015

You might have noticed some reposts like this one lately.

It’s not something I had planned to do when I relaunched the All-New, Slightly Different Needless Things, but there have been a few recent instances where it has been a necessity, as was the case with Beth’s older Days of the Dead coverage. Sometimes we need to provide past work for press purposes and since the import is still ongoing, a repost is the only way to do it.

And yes – the import is still ongoing. Ten years of five(ish) posts a week takes some time to process, as it turns out.

I’ve been wanting to write something about wrestling for a while, and in pulling up old drafts I found this roster rundown from November of 2015. I’m working on an update for next week, but I had fun reading this and I thought you guys might, too.

I don’t plan to make recycling posts a habit because the old material will, eventually, be available. But in lieu of being able to link to relevant content this is our only option for now. And I wanted you guys to be able to see a then versus now once the new post goes up.

So for now, enjoy my thoughts on the WWE of 2015; most of which were spot-on and some of which have changed considerably. Continue reading “Repost: WWE – Roster Rundown 11/2/2015”