Beth’s Dragon Con 2021 Recap Part 2

the T-Rex people are never not funny to me

Friday we had stuff going on. Dave, Nicole, and I were on the Geek Year 1991 panel, and we had The Big Damn Game Show at 10pm. Plus there was a panel with Chris Claremont I really wanted to see. And it was probably a good day to hit the dealer room too. The attendance cap and lack of Saturday day passes could only do so much to ease the congestion that never seems to let up in there. Dave has already posted audio of the Geek Year panel so check that out on Needless Things Podcast. I won’t really cover it here since that’s out there before this even goes up. Although it was a lot of fun, I doubt I’ll do that particular panel again. I’m already on the podcast we do for that one every year, and I can’t reuse stuff from that in the panel, so that leaves me with 3 more things to come up with that no one else did on the podcast or will use in the panel. It’s tough, and I could easily leave that spot open for someone else.

The gang wanted to hit the dealer room, but I wanted to hear Chris Claremont talk about the X-Men. Specifically, Wolverine. It wasn’t just Chris Claremont though. Paul Jenkins and Joe Rubinstein were there too. It was very cool not just hearing about Chris Claremont writing Wolverine into comic stardom, but also other authors and artists too. Although Joe Rubinstein wasn’t as jazzed about his time drawing Wolverine as the others were. He said it was “just a job” when people asked him what it was like. Now certainly I can understand how he could feel that way, but that isn’t exactly what a big group of nerds wants to hear. Overall it was a really good panel that I’m glad I got to see. Especially considering I missed almost everything on Saturday (more on that later). Then it was time for lunch, and since I was getting sleepy (and didn’t know where the others were) I decided to wander down to the vendor hall myself. I did really well not throwing all my money away, but it was a close thing when I got to the giant lightsaber display. I don’t need anymore lightsabers, but they were so pretty. The way most women are about big diamonds is how I am about lightsabers. I think that at this point though, if I were to spend $300+ on another lightsaber I would just wait until I got to Galaxy’s Edge. How much better would a custom lightsaber built in Star Wars land be? The answer is infinity. Infinity better. After talking myself out of wasting money I didn’t have I went back to the hotel to chill and wait for the others to regroup. I fell asleep a little, but when I woke up Nicole and Ryan were coming in to get dressed for the game show. I’m sure Dave will be posting plenty of highlights here as well. Kristian took a ton of pictures, and since I was very busy working I did not. If you happen to see any pictures of my wearing fake glasses and a large fake nose while doing The Humpty Dance I’d like to go on record now saying that they’re doctored, and I can’t believe that you would fall for such cheap photoshop work. It was great fun, and we think, very successful too. For any that missed it please make sure you tell them we need #moreballroom next year. And we’re working to get the time changed in the app too. The game show will never be over an hour long, so sorry to all of you how showed up at 11:30 looking for fun. Speaking of fun: once we finally got the game show cleared away and we refreshed ourselves we were ready for some of that. The Zombie Prom had started at 10, and even though it is usually our least favorite dance party, there really wasn’t much else happening. There was so not much else happening (and definitely many more people on Friday night) that the line was huge even after midnight. Now we are the kind of people who will wait in line for an hour in the daytime, but after midnight if we lose forward momentum we’re crashing out. So we hung out on the Hilton patio and met up with some more friends, and maybe went back to the arcade. I don’t know. I mean just a quick sentence in my notebook would help, but my backpack is too hard to reach every time I need to make a quick note. Maybe next year I’ll put it in my app like a smart person might do. If only I was smart…

so much Loki stuff this year

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the weekend’s shenanigans.

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