Dragon Con 2019 – There’s an App for That

As of this writing the app came out yesterday afternoon. I haven’t even gone through it all with a fine tooth comb yet, but I’ve already got myself scheduled for more things than I can do. I’m actually on seven panels this year, and there are many others that I want to see. I haven’t even included time for things like Gnoll and I breaking out our Team Rocket costumes or just generally hanging around “the spot” with friends in a non-panel setting. For the first time ever I’ve given in and gotten a hotel room. It’s going to be pricey, but when I take a nap or get to sleep late it’ll all be worth it. Just remembering the trials and tribulations of taking MARTA last year makes it cheap at (almost) any price. Since this is my last post until after Dragon Con I’m going to fill it up with everything I’m going to do, would like to do, and just think sounds cool even if I know I probably won’t make it to. Please remember to update your app frequently for any important time or location changes. And just to make it extra easy for you to find me – the panels I’m on are highlighted in a fancy color. I mean, if you think blue is fancy I guess.

Thursday the plan is as follows: Sharron and I check in to our hotel, we split up to get badges, and meet somewhere in between the Sheraton and the Hyatt. Hopefully we can get there early enough that Sharron doesn’t have to wait in a huge line. There really isn’t ever much of a wait for media badges so I may beat her, but that also gives me time to meet the girl I’ve promised my extra Slytherin robe to. I bought a house robe from Wish, but it was too big. Luckily I figured it out early enough to order a smaller robe and have it arrive in time. I decided to be nice (don’t anybody get used to that) and put the extra one up for grabs on the unofficial Dragon Con facebook group. The taker happens to be staying at the Marriott, and since Dave and I usually meet up around there I figured it’d be easy to be nice. Then probably some food or something. The only official thing I might do is hit up DCW for a bit. Last year was kind of a bust for me since I was in the second row of the Hooligans regular spot. Once the show starts most of the guys end up jumping around in front of our first row to better yell at the wrestlers. I think if DCW wears out early for me I’ll be heading to the Hilton. They did a bang up job with their Jurassic World theme last year, and I want to see how they do with Star Wars this year. I ran into a ton of people there last year too so I think word is getting out about the new party spot. Yes their parties end at 11 or 12, but so what? You’ve got late night raves and dance parties at the Marriott if you’re not done when the Hilton shuts it down.

me drunk
Ignore whatever this weirdness I’m doing is, and check how good the shit at the Hilton looks


11:30am – David Tennant (not Doctor Who specific, just him)

1pm – Needless Things Presents: Geek Year 1989 (listen to us talk all things nerdy from 30 years ago)

2:30pm – Zaxworks (Zach Galligan talks about the movie Waxwork. Such an underrated classic)

4pm – Stories with Uncle George (go see the man who gave Space Ghost a new voice – if you consider 20 years ago new)

7pm – torn between Awesome Star Wars Writers (featuring several awesome Star Wars writers), and the Vogon Poetry Slam

10pm – The Blair Witch Legacy (come see us cry, and scream, and look for Josh)

11:30pm – Up Past Bedtime with Bean&Bear (with magic and puppets, and silliness)



1pm – Bill Corbett’s Funhouse (the man from MST3K and Rifftrax hosts an hour of fun)

2:30pm – The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (artists and puppeteers from the new Netflix show)

4pm – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Panel: 30th Wyld Stallyn Annyvrsyry (come help me determine if San Dimas High School football really does rule)

8pm – Gonzoroo Presents: A Music & Comedy Spectacular (jokes and music with some very funny people)

10pm – Needless Things Presents: Troublemaker – The Movie (filmmaker Jason C. Wilson made a movie about Dave. Come see it, and then listen to us talk about how Dave kicks puppies and isn’t the nice guy you think he is. Just kidding – come see it, listen to Dave be nice, and maybe see Oz in a sexy new costume)

12am – mc chris (you might remember him from Sealab 2021 or Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He used to be a really funny nerd-rapper. Let’s see if he’s held up)

1:30am – Cybertronic Spree (thanks to me having to take MARTA home early enough to be back for a 10:30am panel on Sunday I missed them last year. Not this time!)

I didn’t do anything too embarrassing last year so I get to do two more panels for the horror track!


I know technically those last 2 things on Saturday count as Sunday morning, but it isn’t the next day until I’ve been to sleep.

1pm – One-Shot Slashers: The Panel That Wouldn’t Die (lots of horror movies were set up for franchises that never happened. We’re going to talk about some of them)

5:30pm – Needless Things Presents: Video Game Hall of Fame: Best Worlds (we did this last year with best characters. Come help us pick the best world in classic gaming)

10pm – UHF: 30-Year Anniversary Sponsored by Spatula City (listen to me, Gnoll, and some stinking badgers talk about one of the greatest movies of all time. Stick around to watch it after we’re done talking too)

12am – Late Night Puppet Slam (I’ve never been able to stay late enough for this. I want to see what I’ve been missing all these years)




I can’t make any promises. Sometimes the con crud gets me, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I’m just too damn tired to get out of bed Monday morning. We’ll see.

That’s it for now, but I know I’ll be adding a lot more things I can’t possibly do to my app over the next week. Sharron has 3 or 4 panels at the same time on her schedule, and I’m going to be there myself soon too. I’m just going to be happy getting to all of the panels I’m on with time for eating and sleeping in between. Anything else I happen to see is a bonus. So bookmark a panel I’m on, watch a panel with me, or just hang out and enjoy some drinks with me next weekend. I’m gonna need things to write about besides following drunk Schweck to weird late-night parties. Come say “hi”, and maybe give me some more good con stories.

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