Needless Things Podcast 267 – Phantom Music – The Cassette Era

On this episode of the Needless Things Podcast your host Dave talks about the history of music in his life. This will be an ongoing series, with each installment focusing on a specific era or medium of music.

In the first part of the Phantom Music series Dave talks about the beginnings of his passion for music. Family road trips with oldies soundtracks and records of Michael Jackson and the Muppets laid the foundation for a lifelong love of music. MTV and the proliferation of cassette tapes changed not only how people listened to music, but where and when.
Listen in as Dave reflects on his first decade of being a music fan – the cassette era!
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Featuring “Psycho Beach Party” by The KBK

“Procrastibate” by

Interstitial music provided by The Mystery Men?

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