WCW Action Figures from Mattel

5/28/2019 – Updated to include Ultimate Edition Ultimate Warrior and Dusty Rhodes w/WCW ring.

5/22/2019 – This post has been updated to reflect the inclusion of Mattel’s basic WWE line and a few additions to the figure list, as well as alphabetizing the whole thing.

This post is basically just for wrestling figure nerds.

I have recently become obsessed with the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, hosted by Brian Meyers and Matt Cardona. Or, as you might know them, WWE’s Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder.

Those two guys have such great chemistry and an absolutely infectious enthusiasm for collecting. Over the years of the Needless Things Podcast I have been told many times that listeners have gone on to start collections after hearing us talk about stuff. Now I know exactly what they meant. As of this writing I have burned through the first ten episodes of the Major WF Pod and am already planning my next moves as far as wrestling figures are concerned.

I did not, however, go into this podcast a complete noob.

I could – and will – write a whole post about my history with wrestling toys and how many collections I’ve bought and regrettably sold over the years. Heck, I custom built two sets of shelves just to have separate displays for RAW and SmackDown rosters. But that’s a whole other story.

As of May of 2019 I regularly collect Hasbro WWF and Mattel’s WWE Retro and Elite figures of the women’s roster. They’re fairly small categories to manage. But listening to the Prince of Queens and the Thousand Dollar Broski talk about Mattel’s Elite (and every other line of wrestling figures ever) has got me wanting to expand.

I don’t want to just dive headlong into the Elite line because I’ve been there before and it gets out of hand quickly. But if I can focus on one specific type and era it might just be manageable.

Or at least, that’s what I thought before I started compiling today’s list of WCW Elites (and basics, as it turns out).

When I think about my personal history with pro wrestling, the 1996-1999 WCW era is the one that brings the fondest – and clearest – memories. I loved WWF when I was a kid and I fully recognized New York’s domination when it started happening at the end of the Monday Night Wars, but Monday Nitro was what sucked me back into wrestling back in 1996. More accurately it was that year’s Bash at the Beach, but without the sustained wildness of Nitro the pay-per-view alone might not have been enough to hook me.

Those few years of television and PPVs are some of my favorite in the history of entertainment. Again, I could write a whole post praising WCW and I’m sure I will, but that’s not what’s up today.

Today I am putting together the hours of research I have done on eBay, FigureRealm.com, and various other sites to determine just how many WCW Elite (and basic) figures Mattel has released.

There are more than I hoped but less than I expected.

Not all of these are specifically WCW. In a few cases it’s a wrestler who just wore the same gear pretty much everywhere, like Sid Vicious. There are also a few that I feel could pass for WCW but are probably from the WWF. There are two Miss Elizabeth figures on this list because even though the dresses are from WWF events, she did wear dresses in WCW. Particularly white ones.

The blessing and curse of Mattel’s lines is that almost every release is based on a specific event. For example, Mattel has released around a dozen Sting figures, and each one is a (mostly) faithful recreation of gear and face paint from a particular event. More often than not the packaging even cites the source of the look.

Then there are other cases where a prominent WCW wrestler might have several figures, but none that accurately reflect their WCW look. Fit Finlay is a good example. He has some great Elites, but none sport his signature WCW-era mullet or gear.

And then there’s the recent Scott Hall figure that’s wearing NWO gear but is from WrestleMania 18, so doesn’t count.

I also threw some NWA figures in just because I know I want them. That Magnum TA has a SWEET mustache. And the Elite 63 Dusty looks so damn good I already ordered him.

Take a look at this list and let me know what I missed or what shouldn’t be on it – I will be happy to add, subtract, or take advice on how it’s presented. I’m planning to keep it updated going forward so there will always be a (mostly) current list for anyone who wants to do what I’m doing and focus on where the big boys played!

For more on wrestling figures, check out Episode 258 of the Needless Things Podcast, featuring Rich Ewell and Chris DePetrillo from Figures Toy Company!

*CURRENT AS OF 5/22/2019 

Arn Anderson (white/red gear) – WCW Hall of Fame Class of 2012 The Four Horsemen Box Set

Bam Bam Bigelow (“BBB” logo on gear w/flame jacket) – Legends Series 5

Bam Bam Bigelow (all flame gear, no logo) – Then, Now, Forever 1

Barry Windham (black/red gear w/vest) – WCW Hall of Fame Class of 2012 The Four Horsemen Box Set

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan – Fan Central 2019

Booker T (red Harlem Heat gear) – Elite 46

Booker T (singles career) – Basic Flashback JJ Dillon Build-A-Figure Series

Brian Pillman – Elite 47

Cactus Jack – Elite 48

Chris Jericho (topknot) – Basic Flashback Paul Bearer Build-A-Figure Series

Dean Malenko – Elite 37

Diamond Dallas Page (pink waist tights) – Elite 36

Diamond Dallas Page (jeans) – Basic 68

Dusty Rhodes (black trunks w/WCW World Heavyweight Championship & Retro WCW Ring) – Hall of Fame

Dusty Rhodes (old school shirt, WCW World Heavyweight Championship) – Elite 63

Eddie Guerrero – Hall of Champions 2018

The Giant – Elite 22

Goldberg (w/WCW World Heavyweight Championship) – Entrance Greats 2019

JJ Dillon (build-a-figure) – Basic Flashback JJ Dillon Build-A-Figure Series 

Jimmy Hart – Hall of Fame Series 3

Kevin Nash (red “The Outsiders” gear w/NWO Championship) – Elite 16

Kevin Nash (B&W NWO shirt/jeans w/sunglasses & spray paint) – Battle Packs 36

Kevin Nash (B&W NWO shirt/jeans w/sunglasses & spray paint) – Battle Packs 44

Lex Luger – Basic Flashback JJ Dillon Build-A-Figure Series

Lord Steven Regal – Elite 45

Macho Man Randy Savage (Bash at the Beach 1995) – Elite 38

Macho Man Randy Savage (NWO Wolfpac) – Ringside Collectibles Exclusive

Macho Man Randy Savage (Madness) – Ringside Collectibles Exclusive

Macho Man Randy Savage (Late WCW) – Then, Now, Forever 2

Magnum TA – Elite Legends 1

Miss Elizabeth – Elite 19

Miss Elizabeth – Then, Now, Forever 3

Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig) – Legends Series 3

Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff – Legends Series 4

Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs – Elite 42

Nasty Boy Jerry Sags – Elite 42

Paul Orndorff (white WCW-accurate gear) – Basic 58

Rey Mysterio, Jr. (Starrcade 1996) – Elite 32

Rey Mysterio, Jr. (Halloween Havoc 1997) w/WCW Cruiserweight Championship) – Elite 67

Rey Mysterio, Jr. (yellow, black, & white gear w/Rob Van Dam) – Battle Packs 33

Ric Flair (black/red gear) – WCW Hall of Fame Class of 2012 The Four Horsemen Box Set

Ric Flair (Carolina blue gear w/black robe) – Defining Moments 2016

Ric Flair (white & blue w/Charlotte Flair) – Battle Packs 41

Ric Flair (suit) – Basic Flashback JJ Dillon Build-A-Figure Series

Road Warrior Animal (black gear) – Legends Series 1

Road Warrior Hawk (black gear) – Legends Series 1

Ron Simmons – Hall of Champions 2018

Scott Hall (red Outsiders gear) – Elite 51

Scott Hall (B&W NWO shirt/jeans w/sunglasses & spray paint) – Battle Packs 36

Scott Hall (B&W NWO shirt/jeans w/sunglasses & spray paint) – Battle Packs 44

Sid Vicious (Sycho Sid) – Elite 39

Stevie Ray (red Harlem Heat gear) – Elite 46

Sting (Great American Bash 1990) – Defining Moments 2016

Sting (Great American Bash 1991) – Elite 62

Sting (green) – Basic 62

Sting (“Crow” Starrcade 1997) – Defining Moments

Sting (Crow, two side scorpions) – Basic 55

Sting (Crow, front scorpion) – Basic 68

Sting (NWO Wolfpac) – Ringside Collectibles Exclusive

Sting (red/orange face paint) – Basic Flashback JJ Dillon Build-A-Figure Series

Syxx – Flashback 2017

Tully Blanchard (red/white gear) – WCW Hall of Fame Class of 2012 The Four Horsemen Box Set

Ultimate Warrior (One Warrior Nation) – Ultimate Edition 1

Vader (black mask w/cape) – Legends Series 3

Vader (red mask w/Mastodon headpiece) – Elite 31

PS – I also bought the new chase variant Curt Hawkins figure. Dammit.

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