MomoCon 2019 – What to Do

I love MomoCon.

Most of the guests and programming aren’t necessarily geared towards my interests. The average attendee age is probably young enough to be my child. I know very few people who go, so there’s not exactly a ton of folks to hang out with.

The energy at MomoCon, however, is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

You guys know I’m a Dragon Con guy. But that’s a whole different beast. The energy at MomoCon is vital and positive in a completely unique way. The array of gamers, cosplayers, anime fans, and genre enthusiasts of every stripe all exude this powerful force of goodwill. There’s a sense of love and hope in the air that is energizing and wonderful.

You guys – people are dancing everywhere. It’s great.

I attended last year’s MomoCon as part of a plan to go anywhere I could and cover whatever I was able to as press or an attending professional or whatever. While that experiment didn’t exactly pan out, I did think this con was great and jumped at the invitation to return as press this year.

If you’re going to be in the Metro Atlanta area this weekend I highly recommend you spend at least an afternoon checking out this amazing gathering of fans.

For my part, I’ve been cruising the MomoCon app and planning out what I want to do. Here are my highlights, but I strongly recommend you visit the website and download the app for yourself to see the full range of programming and guests.


The convention starts on Thursday at 2 PM – that’s when you can start picking up badges – but I’m working Thursday night. Just like last year my plan is to stop by before work and grab my press pass. I won’t be able to have any fun on Thursday, but at least I’ll be able to get right into things on Friday!

For anyone showing up on Thursday, get ready! This con literally runs 24/7 from 2 PM on Thursday until 5 PM on Sunday!

I do want to mention one Thursday event, though:

10 AM – 2 PM – MomoCon Career Fair – Admission to this event does not require a badge. It is completely free. The purpose is to connect potential employers with young people looking to explore career paths in fields related to the sorts of things MomoCon programs. It’s a great concept and one that deserves recognition.


I’ll be getting off of work at 5 AM on Friday morning, so there’s very little chance I’ll make it to the World Congress Center before 1 PM. But that’s okay because I plan to have a full day and night of MomoCon fun!

Here are my picks for the ideal day where I could totally with no problem make it to everything I wanted to do (HAHAHAHAHA):

1 PM – An Hour with Patrick Warburton – Main Stage – From David Puddy to the Tick to Brock Samson, Patrick Warburton has portrayed some of the most memorable characters in pop culture.

1 PM – Image Comics – Main Panels 406 – Some truly awesome creators – Kyle Starks, Brenden Fletcher, Donny Cates, and Megan Hutchison – talk comics!

4 PM – Breaking Things – Physical Arts 402 – I’m not sure who’s putting this on, but it’s about breaking things, why they break the way they do, and how not to break yourself. Sounds fun.

4 PM – Karaoke Friday – Omni2-ABC – Karaoke was one of the highlights of 2018 for me. There were some truly gifted performers doing songs that I, surprisingly, was mostly familiar with. The caliber of talent was such that I don’t think I’d participate, but it sure was fun to watch.

7 PM – Building Costumes: WWE & Pro Wrestlers – Costume Panels 410 – Our pal Mikal Mosley is hosting this panel about one of the things he does best – creating ring and entrance attire for the wrestlers of WWE, RoH, and AEW! This is the first must-see panel of the weekend for me.

7 PM – Toonami – Main Stage – And of course, along with the first must-see panel of the weekend comes the first conflict of the weekend. Our friend Dana Swanson and the whole Toonami team will be delivering announcements, sneak peeks, and free stuff!

8:30 PM – Karaoke in Cosplay Contest – Omni2-ABC – I think this is fairly self-explanatory. And fairly awesome.

11:30 PM – Creepypasta Storytime – Main Panels 412 – I’m not familiar with Mr. Creepypasta or Myuu, but I’m up for late night spooky stories at the con. They can’t be as bad as that lousy Slender Man movie.

1 AM – Professional Wrestling in Anime & Video Games – Main Panels 406 – I’m less interested in the anime part, except maybe I’m not. I could talk all day long about wrestling games, but with my limited knowledge of anime I might actually enjoy that aspect more. Pro wrestling is HUGE and well-respected in Japan, so I’m sure there are plenty of fascinating references to and uses of the sport in Japanese animation.

Saturday Night Rave MomoCon 2018 (Photo Credit Savannah Tully)SATURDAY

11:30 AM – Your Princess is in Another Castle – Main Stage – Voice actors from the Super Mario Bros. franchise!

12 PM – Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament – Game Hall – Tournaments – I’m not big on watching other people play video games. Heck, lately I haven’t even been that big on playing them myself. But watching people compete at Mortal Kombat is a whole other thing. I am all for seeing what goes down when legit, hardcore fighting game nerds throw down live in public.

Given the general atmosphere of MomoCon I suppose there will be a level of respect and sportsmanship, but who knows? Maybe someone will totally lose it when their spine gets pulled out of their butthole.

1 PM – Aging and Distressing Costumes – Costume Panels 410 – Okay, so this is noteworthy because I actually have a costume I might want to age and/or distress. I am not a big full costume guy. I do masks and suits mostly. But I got an itch to do a Game of Thrones costume for Dragon Con this year and got myself a Ser Davos costume. But it’s totally pristine and doesn’t have mud or dragon poop or anything on it, so it doesn’t look completely faithful to the show. I’m not totally sure I even want it to be dirtied up, but I’d like to see how I’d go about doing it if I decide to.

1 PM – An Adventure in Toy Design – Main Panels 406 – THANKS A LOT MOMOCON.

Of course since I got all excited about that aging and distressing panel there’s one I absolutely cannot miss opposite it.

Tim Effler worked on Kenner’s Star Wars and Jurassic Park toy lines, so there’s no chance in hell I’m going to miss this panel.

4 PM – Cap or the Bat? – Panels 316 – Depending on the panelists and the tone DC versus Marvel panels can be a whole lot of fun. I’ll check this out if nothing else is going on.

4 PM – Karaoke Saturday – Omni2-ABC – Daily karaoke is just a thing here.

8:30 PM – Bit Brigade –Omni2-International E/F – Someday I will see Bit Brigade at a con. The scheduling is always a problem, but maybe this year.

10 PM – I’m Not Drunk Enough or These AMVs – AMVs 302 – I stopped by last year and it was weird. I had to tap out after about 15 minutes and I think I might have even called it a night. I will try again.

11 PM – Cyberpunk Rave – Main Stage – At a con it doesn’t really matter what or where the rave is. When it gets late, you just go to the rave.

11:30 PM – Connecting with Characters, Empathy and Fiction – Main Panels 406 – I think a lack of empathy is why many younger people are having trouble accepting aspects of current pop culture and I worry that as they grow older rather than gaining empathy entertainment will change to reflect their distant and isolated points of view. I think this is why some failed to identify with the tragedy at the end of Infinity War.

But also MomoCon is lovely and hopeful and maybe I’m wrong.

Either way, 11:30 at night is no time for a panel as potentially heavy as this one. I’ll be drunk at the rave.

11:30 PM – Noise Complaint – Tap Dance Theater – Main Events – Never mind! This is where I will be!

I am not kidding. Years ago these kids pulled me out of a mid-Dragon Con funk. They were performing off to the side at the Marriot. They weren’t even booked; they were just there spreading joy. Ever since then I’ve been following them and watching them grow via social media and every time they pop up in my feed it brings a smile to my face.

This performance gets my highest recommendation – this is the magical stuff cons are made of.

1 AM – CNA Talks – Marvel vs DC – Panels 316 – I guess there are two of these being put on by different folks. Weird. I wouldn’t be happy if I was in the group that got the 1 AM timeslot. Then again, these MomoConners seem to have no regard for Circadian rhythms.


11:30 AM – Getting Into Toy Design – Panels 316 – Another panel with Kenner toy designer Tim Effler.

11:30 AM – Noise Complaint – Post-Show – Physical Arts 402 – This reads like some sort of meet and greet, but the description sounds like another performance. I find it hard to believe they only have one time slot, so I’m guessing it’s the latter.

11:30 AM – Professional Voice Acting – Omni2-International E/F – Justin Briner, Luci Christian, Steve Blum, Monica Rial, and Keith Silverstein will discuss what it’s like to bring characters to life.

1 PM – Don’t Forget the Lyrics: Disney Edition – Omni2-ABC – Watching people who think they know the words to a song realize they do not know the words to a song is massively entertaining.

And that’s all I’ve got for you, Phantomaniacs. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the magic of this vital, unique event. I really do recommend that anyone who can get down there for even an afternoon go and check it out. It’s an experience like nothing else I’ve done.

You can find event information and the full schedule at the MomoCon website.

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