Home Again – April’s Blu-Ray Releases

Welcome to Home Again, where each and every Tuesday I’ll be running down some of the best genre releases coming to home media.

All info is from the excellent Blu-ray.com. This isn’t every genre release, just the ones I find interesting. For the full list, follow that link.


Glass (2019) – Universal StudiosUnbreakable isn’t just my favorite M. Night Shyamalan movie, it’s the only one I have liked. At all. I think it’s a fresh and fascinating superhero origin story that holds up as a film even after you know the twist. As opposed to Shyamalan’s other films, which aren’t even worth enduring for the twist.

If you can’t tell, I am not a fan of this guy.

As such, I never watched Split, even after I heard about its connection to Unbreakable. I probably won’t watch Glass, either, because I’ve heard enough to suggest it won’t be satisfying to me.

There are a couple of exclusive versions available including a Target excusive Steelbook and a Best Buy exclusive with “art cards”. Whee?

How do you guys feel about Shyamalan and his trilogy?

Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) – Mill Creek Entertainment – SWEET SASSY MOLASSY I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING.

The movie responsible for one of our best Needless Commentaries is now available in glorious HD!

Andy Sidaris’ legendary guns n’ titties aesthetic will be realer than real and in your face and I just can’t even imagine.

Malibu Express (1985) – Mill Creek Entertainment – You might not know this, but Andy Sidaris made a lot of films and they are all incredible.

Well, varying degrees of incredible.

If I hadn’t seen Hard Ticket to Hawaii first Malibu Express might be my favorite. Or maybe Day of the Warrior. Whatever the case, I hope that all of his films are getting the 4K remastering treatment.

If you don’t want to spend the extravagant price of twelve bucks each for Hard Ticket and Malibu Express you can still get the entire Andy Sidaris library on basic bitch DVD from Amazon for eight dollars.

Superstition (1982) – Shout Factory – This is another thrilling release, although I’ve had my copy for while thanks to Shout Factory’s wacky habit of shipping preorders a couple of weeks before the release date.

Me and the missus found this obscure gem on Prime Streaming a few years ago and loved it. I immediately contacted Shout Factory to see if they might have a release in the works, but they informed me that someone else had the rights.

Clearly my inquiry led them to pursue Superstition, because now we’re getting a sweet-ass Scream Factory release!

This is a weird haunted house flick with an effective, unsettling atmosphere and some great performances. I’m not going to claim it’ll change your life, but for as good as it is I’m surprised it’s so relatively unknown.

Keoma (1976) – Arrow – Franco Nero stars as a man who returns to his hometown after the Civil War to find it is being run by an ex-Confederate jerk and his gang of shitbags. Bloody violence ensues.

Add this one to my list of “I want to see it but not for thirty bucks” movies.

The Manitou (1978) – Shout Factory – Apparently this movie is something of a legend. I’ve had many people express surprise that I haven’t seen it – like it was Star Wars or something – and I suppose I should point out that I was two when it was released and I hadn’t even heard of it until a few years ago.

Now I’m just not watching it out of spite.

Smokey and the Bandit II (1980) – Universal Studios – Directed by RAD legend Hal Needham!

I couldn’t tell you the difference between any of the Smokey and the Bandit movies because I haven’t watched them in years, but I seem to remember they were all pretty good. Maybe. I also tend to get them confused with Cannonball Run, so who knows?

Justice League vs The Fatal Five (2019) – Warner Bros. – The newest in DC’s long-running line of animated films features the Justice League facing off against Jim Shooter’s Fatal Five – Emerald Empress, Tharok, Mano, The Persuader, and Validus. The League lineup includes Mr. Terrific, Jessica Cruz, and Miss Martian in addition to the regulars.

I’m not sure if this is intended to be JLU continuity or in line with the Batman and Son films, but these are almost always great, so I’m in.

In addition to the standard 4K and Blu-ray releases there’s a Target exclusive Steelbook and a Best Buy exclusive release with a hilariously lousy Star Boy action figure that won’t match anything you own.

The Kid Who Would Be King (2019) – Neither my son nor I had any interest in this movie and it seems like nobody else did, either.

It’s not that it looked bad, it just didn’t have any kind of hook. I’ve since read here and there that it’s pretty good, but there’s only so much time in the day and unless Phantom, Jr. decides he wants to see it we just have too many other things to do.

Replicas (2018) – Lionsgate Films – Keanu Reeves stars in a movie that sounds like an epic blockbuster but that I haven’t even heard of. I’m curious.

Other Titles Worth Noting

The Karate Kid 4K, The Snake Pit, Grave of the Vampire, Supercock, Stagecoach

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