The Best of New York International Toy Fair 2019

This year brings with it an all-new, all-different form of my annual Toy Fair recap!

In previous years I provided exhaustive coverage of pretty much everything that went down from most of the notable toy companies. It took a ton of effort and lots of hosting space to post all of the pictures, not to mention the hassle involved in actually tracking down pictures that I felt comfortable using.

Using the sites mentioned below it’s now easier than ever for anyone to follow along with Toy Fair goings-on, especially if you’re part of the Needless Things Podcast Facebook Group. Toy companies have mostly figured out social media and are posting announcements and new products even faster than the media can report them.

That being the case, in today’s post I’m just going to run down my favorites from the show. Which might end up being just as lengthy as the older posts because there were a ridiculous number of amazing announcements this year. It’s entirely possible that this was the biggest Toy Fair since we started covering it a decade ago.

Read on to see some of the coolest toys from the show and of course, listen to this Friday’s episode of the Needless Things Podcast to hear me, Ryan, Jay, and Josh discuss all of the hottest reveals!

As always I highly recommend you follow Action Figure Attack on Facebook and Instagram for some excellent press photos. Toy Ark once again provided thorough coverage and is the site we used for reference to record this Friday’s Toy Fair episode of the Needless Things Podcast. For the full list of links to Toy Ark product pages, click here!

Note: I was able to find release dates for some of these and have provided them when possible.



Pic lifted from

Update: One:12 Ghostbusters from Mezco

They have the tubes!

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you might know that I’ve been baffled as to how Mezco could be leaving out as significant a part of the Ghostbusters’ costumes as the mystery tubes that run from the legs of their coveralls to the backs of their belts. Most people probably don’t even know they’re there, but they’re part of the costumes!

The newest picture of the One:12 Ghostbusters box set reveals that the hoses/tubes have been added, so I guess I’m gonna have to pony up and hope that these are, finally, the Ghostbusters figures I’ve been waiting for.

5 Points Action Figures from Mezco

For me the most exciting release from Mezco’s newest range is a wave based on the new The Addams Family animated film, which are basically the original comic strip designs. Mezco showed Gomez, Lurch, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, Cousin It, and Thing. I’m sure Morticia, the kids, and more are planned. You can;t give everything away in the first wave.

They also had figures from Hanna-Barbera, The Warriors, and Steve Rogers and Bigfoot from The Six Million Dollar Man. The Scooby gang and their villains looked particularly great.

This is the same picture everyone has. It’s not good.

Retro 1989 Toy Biz Batman from Mattel

2019 should be a huge year for Tim Burton’s Batman. You’ll see a few things throughout this post and I imagine there will be plenty more before the summer is over. This throwback figure from Mattel is a great start, updating the design of one of the best-known Batman figures of all time from Toy Biz’ short-lived Batman movie line. If they sold these by the case, I’d buy one.

There’s a Joker as well, but even the original looked nothing like Jack Nicholson’s movie version. I’ll buy it, but I’ll be wishing it was a Bob the Goon.


Castlevania from Diamond Select Toys

I’m just now catching up on Netflix’s awesome Castlevania cartoon and because I’m me I am jonesing for action figures. Lo and behold, here comes our old pals DST with a trio of awesome toys – Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard; better known to Needless Things fans as Albert Thermostat Dracula.

My hope is that this line will end up just as expansive as DST’s amazing The Nightmare Before Christmas line.

52184143_2130579820350969_7245188857132482560_nNightbreed Dr. Decker from NECA

In a movie full of ghastly monsters and nightmarish humanoids, Dr. Decker was the scariest sonofabitch of them all. While I’d love to see figures of Boone and his pals, if we can only have one Nightbreed action figure, this is the one I’d choose.




Halloween II Michael Myers from NECA

We’re gonna see plenty of Michael Myerses from NECA in the coming years, but this one got me legitimately excited. Since it’s part of the Ultimate range of figures it includes three different heads – the regular Shape mask, the bloody tears mask, and the off-model mask that resulted in poor ol’ Ben Tramer getting hit by a car and burned alive. This set also includes the skull-in-a-jack-o-lantern from the opening credits. Or movie poster. I can’t remember at the moment.

51911365_2126350060773945_562865707637800960_nFriday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning Roy Burns from NECA


No, this isn’t some weird meta figure of the guy that played Jason Voorhees in the fifth Friday the 13th movie.

Well, I guess it sort of is.

Without getting into the whole plot, Jason isn’t in the fourth sequel; it’s just a guy pretending to be him. I’ve only recently come around to this being a worthy entry into the franchise, but I’m excited to see ol’ Roy in action figure form. He includes tons of accessories and the giveaway blue detail hockey mask to cover his dumb, sad face.

Jabbas PalaceStar Wars Jabba’s Palace Playset from Hasbro

Unfortunately this will be a Walmart exclusive, but I’m excited to see a more substantial playset than the recent cardboard offerings.

Don’t get me wrong – I love that Hasbro gave the format a shot in the interest of getting playsets back on the market, but I think we all knew they’d do exactly what they’re doing – gather dust on shelves.

This one lacks a floor, but it has some beautifully sculpted walls, a few nooks and crannies, and includes shackled Han Solo and perennial weirdo Ree-Yees.

This should be out around August.

SkiffStar Wars Jabba’s Skiff from Hasbro

Thanks to the big HasLab release of Jabba’s Sail Barge, The Khetanna, Hasbro is releasing all sorts of Jabba-centric stuff this year and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

I already own a skiff from a few years ago, but there are several skiffs in Jedi and this one is a noticeable upgrade over the one I own.

This should also be out around August.

Star Wars Retro Kenner Figures from Hasbro

I can’t believe it’s taken this long for Hasbro to jump on the retro bandwagon. I can only hope that somehow GI Joe: A Real American Hero is next.

Thanks to sharp-eyed pal Oz for pointing out that these figures appear slightly different from the original Kenner releases. Unless I’m mistaken those molds were lost to time even before the 1995 relaunch, which included a box set of retro Kenner figures before retro was even a thing.

Stay tuned to the Needless Things Podcast, because if all goes well our new friend Adam Pawlus should have some answers on this sooner than later.

These should be hitting Target – as exclusives – around May. Online preorders sold out immediately, but that happens with any Target or Walmart release. I wouldn’t worry too much. But I also wouldn’t put off buying them once you see them in-store.

Marvel Legends from Hasbro

All of them, basically.

Hasbro revealed an insane number of very cool Marvel Legends action figures, including X-Men, Spider-Man, and a new “Marvel 80th Anniversary” line that’s similar to last year’s MCU 10th Anniversary figures, except this range includes comic book versions. Some much-needed comic book versions.

Highlights include 2-packs of First Avenger Cap with Peggy, 1st appearance Wolverine with Hulk, Colossus and Juggernaut, Thor: Ragnarok Grandmaster and Korg, Ant-Man and the Wasp Luis and Ghost, and Spider-Man and MJ from Spider-Man: Far from Home.

There’s a 3-pack of Magneto, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch that’s a must-have.

I’m also super excited for some retro packaged Toy Biz-style X-Men – X-Factor Cyclops with neat-o blast effects, Out back-era Dazzler, Silver Samurai, and ninja Logan from the Frank Miller series.

The 80th Anniversary will also include all-new classic comic book versions of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America and they all look great. I wasn’t sure that I needed these specific looks, but now I think I do.

Other big X-Men characters include Cannonball, Boom Boom, Nightcrawler (finally!), Mister Sinister, and a Walgreen’s exclusive Emma Frost.

On the Spidey side of things, I’m excited for Hydro Man and Scorpion. Man-Spider looks cool, but is probably a pass for me.

dc_collectibles_toy_fair_2019DC Comics Lucha Figures from DC Collectibles

Obviously these will have a very special place in the Phantom  Zone.

52360313_2126252807450337_1887564227384705024_oRoboCop ReAction Figures from Super 7

NECA’s RoboCop releases were great, but I’ve been longing for a more expansive line that might include Emil, Clarence Boddicker, Anne Lewis, and maybe even our old pal Dick Jones. And especially the secret star of the movie, Felton Perry as Donald Johnson.

This initial wave includes ED-209, the guy that got murdered by ED-2019, the “I’d buy that for a dollar!” guy (who I could honestly do without), melting Emil, and in classic toy line tradition, three different versions of RoboCop.

I will buy every single Super 7 RoboCop release because RoboCop is one of my favorite movies and I want them to release as much stuff as possible. Up to and including Felton Perry as Donald Johnson.

These are expected in June of this year.

52816604_2126252690783682_2678891623592493056_oPee-Wee’s Playhouse ReAction Figures from Super 7

Like much of what Super 7 revealed at Toy Fair – they were pretty much the star of the show – these were a delightful surprise. The first wave includes Pee-Wee, Conky, Magic Screen, Billy Baloney and Randy, Chairy, and Captain Carl! I can’t wait to have a Phil Hartman action figure!

These are also expected in June.

52598268_2126252594117025_8956601937243930624_oThey Live ReAction Figures from Super 7

NECA is releasing some great-looking Mego-style figures from They Live, but no John Nada, so I can’t get as excited for those.

The two aliens and Nada should be out in September.

Various Other ReAction Goodies from Super 7

Papa Emeritus III from Ghost, Megadeth’s Vic Rattlehead, “Bark at the Moon” werewolf Ozzy Osbourne, Motörhead’s War-Pig, Transformers, Beavis and Butthead, Rocky IV (including that robot!), Aliens, and new Masters of the Universe were all shown this year. I’m glad that the ReAction line continues to grow and incorporate some of the most unlikely licenses out there.

Masters of the Universe Classics William Stout Collection Figures from Super 7

This might be the biggest reveal of Toy Fair for me.

Despite its flaws, I am a fan of the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie. Specifically of the costumes and production design. The man behind the best parts of the film is artist William Stout, who I have had the pleasure of talking to and interviewing on several occasions, including in an depth career retrospective at last year’s Dragon Con.

The only thing more exciting than the fact that we’re finally getting figures of the looks from the movie is that the line carries the name of one of the greatest fantasy artists of our time.

Preorders for this wave go live in March.

There is also a 7″ Conan that… needs work.

52348506_2129955637080054_2913269578073112576_nMasters of the Universe Classics Snake Mountain from Super 7

As of this writing Super 7 has not released any details other than the fact that preorders will go live in May.

I heard from one fairly reliable source that it will cost $600, but I have not been able to verify that number.

That is a lot of money. I can’t imagine not having Snake Mountain in my MOTUC collection, but I also can’t imagine spending $600 on it. Especially after just having spent $500 on Jabba’s Sail Barge. Plus, where the heck am I going to put all of this giant stuff? The Phantom Zone is spacious, but even it has its limits.

One:12 Collective Comic Style Harley Quinn from Mezco

Well, here we go – time for the expensive portion of the recap.

Then again, after that Snake Mountain, nothing seems all that pricey.

Even those of us who are fans of Margot Robbie’s Harley have agreed that we want a classic Harley. The initial pics look great and I have no doubt that the final product will be even better. I’m just curious to see if they do any variants. I’d love to see one based on the Conner/Palmiotti run.

One:12 Collective 1989 Batman from Mezco

When our Head of Research Ryan first told me about this one I foolishly said I wouldn’t get it unless I was sure they were going to release Bob the Goon, too.

I’m just kidding. I said Joker. But now I want Bob the Goon.

It was foolish of me to say that because I love Michael Keaton’s Batman and it’s ridiculous to think I’d skip a figure of him from the best action figure line ever made.

This Batman looks incredible and I’m sure will only get better as the release date approaches. And then moves back. And approaches again. And moves back again.

As of this writing I have not seen a release date for this figure.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 80s Cartoon Figures from NECA

I don’t love the original Ninja Turtles cartoon, but I can’t deny the nostalgic appeal of these Target exclusive 2-packs. NECA seems to have nailed the look of the characters and is providing a nice assortment, including future releases of Bebop and Rocksteady.

I doubt I’ll buy these for myself, but I have a feeling Phantom, Jr. will end up with them one way or another.

The first four sets – Leonardo vs. Shredder, Donatello vs. Krang, Michelangelo vs. Foot Soldier, and Raphael vs. uh… other Foot Soldier – should be hitting your local Target any day now!

52308599_2126261770782774_7841055749147983872_oRetro Cloth Halloween III Trick or Treaters from NECA


In a show full of excellent toys, these still manage to stand out as something special.

As of this writing I have not seen a release date for these, but I’m guessing close to Halloween.

CaptureThe Shape of Water Fish Man from NECA

A fantastic design from an incredible movie.

This one is expected during the third quarter of 2019.




E4287AS00_Transformers_Generations_War_for_Cybertron_Titan_WFC-S29_Omega_Supreme_Figure_bot_2000xTransformers War for Cybertron: Siege from Hasbro

I have a longer post coming about how the new Siege range of Transformers have made me fall back in love with this classic toy line, but for now I’ll just say that this was one of my favorite lines from Toy Fair.

The centerpiece of Hasbro’s offerings was a new Omega Supreme, coming in at twenty-four inches tall in robot mode and representing all of the facets of the original 80s toy. I am putting money aside for this one. I never had many Transformers when I was a kid and I always desperately wanted an Omega Supreme. Years ago I bought a reasonably intact G1 Omega at a flea market, but it wasn’t quite good enough to keep versus what I discovered I could sell it for online. So I still have an Omega Supreme-sized hole in my heart.

Other than that giant toy, Hasbro showed updates of Jetfire, Springer, Red Alert, Thundercracker (using the already revealed Starscream mold), Prowl, Ironhide, Mirage, and a Galaxy Force Optimus Prime that I think is based on a Japanese release. But I’m no expert.

Omega Supreme is due out in August and the rest will hit stores throughout the year.

To Sum Up…

Here’s a little list of my favorites of the favorites. And some not so favorites.

Best Overall Toy – Omega Supreme, hands down. This looks like a fun and functional update to the classic G1 Transformer.

Company That Made the Biggest Splash – This was a tough call, but I have to give it to Hasbro. Between all of the exciting Star Wars products, the great slate of Marvel Legends, and the amazing new Transformers Siege line, the Pawtucket company really put on a good showing this year.

Doomed to Failure – DC Collectibles’ animated line is going astray with designs that are not from the Batman and Superman animated series and the Justice League shows. Their Red Hood, Deathstroke, and Knightfall Batman look good, but are not what I – and I suspect other fans – want from that relatively high-priced line. If I’m spending almost thirty bucks on a plastic 6” action figure, it had better be a character rooted in something.

Biggest Surprise – The Masters of the Universe Classics William Stout Collection, for sure. I thought it was impossible.

Biggest Letdown – No Nada to go with NECA’s 8” They Live figures. BOO.

That’s all I’ve got for now! I’m sure there’s plenty of news that I didn’t come across over the weekend or neglected to cover, so be sure to check out Friday’s Needless Things Podcast for even more Toy Fair goodness!

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Be sure to join the Needless Things Podcast Facebook Group and get in on the conversation for this week’s episode! Let us know what you think!


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