Needless Things Podcast 249 – Let’s Get Ready to Wrestling!!!

On this week’s episode of the Needless Things Podcast your host, Dave, summons the lions of professional wrestling fandom to form a Voltron of righteous wrestling repartee!

From across the country and representing many corners of fandom, the Needless Things Irregulars gather on the Skype-O-Tron to discuss everything there is to chat about prior to WWE’s Royal Rumble, happening this Sunday! From their own personal histories to the state of WWE today, no topic is off-limits in this n-holds-barred wrestling episode!
Listen in as Darling Dave, Jumpin’ Joe Crowe, Noel “The Gnoll” Wood, Rabid Richie Ewell, and the Howdymaster dissect the squared circle on the newest episode of the Needless Things Podcast!
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Procrastibate” by
Interstitial music provided by The Mystery Men?
Watching WWE’s Royal Rumble this Sunday? Here are the rules for the Official Phantom Zone Royal Rumble Game!:
*Number 30 ping pong balls 1-30. Trust me – drawing actual balls instead of just picking numbers adds SO MUCH fun!
*Each player draws numbers until they’re all gone. If everyone doesn’t have the same number, points can be altered to even the odds.
*Each player will need a way to keep track of their points. You earn points through the actions of each Superstar that entered at whichever numbers you drew.
*1 point for each elimination. If multiple Superstars assist in a single elimination, they each get a point. Don’t worry – it’s fair and easier than using fractions.
*2 points for each of the final four Superstars left in the Rumble
*5 points for the winner of the Rumble
*If you’re the host, remember to have fabulous prizes for the contestants!
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