Needless Things Podcast 243 – Star Wars Toys with Adam Pawlus

On this weeks’ episode, Adam Pawlus of and talks to Dave about the past, present, and future of Star Wars toys!

Known for his quick wit and intuitive knowledge of the hobby, Adam Pawlus has written for various publications including Star Wars Galaxy Collector as well as stints at Rebelscum and Yakface. He also has a day job in the toy business. His newsletter was an invaluable resource for many collectors during the POTF2 era. He now brings his expertise, as well as his ever-popular Q&A column, to Galactic Hunter. If you have a question about Star Wars toys, it’s a good bet he has the answer, or an answer.
Listen in as Dave and Adam talk about the ups and downs of collecting toys from that galaxy far, far away!
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